Hi everyone! I’m Alicia, a 26 year old mother of 2. I’m happily married to my husband & loving father of my little ones, and have an adorable 18 month toddler Emma, with¬†one more¬†baking in my belly, due March 31st 2017. I created this blog to allow myself this time of reflection as I find my way through this journey of motherhood. I have learnt and overcome so much through hearing the experiences and stories of other mothers, and would like to do the same for any struggling new moms out there. I am no professional writer or photographer, just another mom wanting to share my experiences and to learn from yours. While most of my content would revolve around mommy things, kids and family, I do thoroughly enjoy cooking, home decor, home entertaining and of course, fashion. You may find some of these types of posts every now and then.

I encourage you moms to leave comments sharing your experiences so that we can build a community where mothers can come here to find comfort in that they are not alone. We are here to support each other. And to the few dads who may come across this blog by chance, this is for you too!

To any ladies out there who don’t have children yet but are planning to, i’m so glad you’re here. Prepping yourself for whats to come may help you better cope with the big changes coming your way!

In all, its positivity all around here!