Finally! I’ve been curating vacation outfits for our upcoming Singapore & Bali trip, especially given that i was pregnant for practically the past year! So yes I’m excited to be shopping for regular clothes again and revamping my wardrobe ( I tend to find myself doing a huge closet clean out every Summer – so refreshing! ) Moreover, with each year that passes, I find my style evolving more. I take less risk & prefer simpler pieces. I am not a fan of layering and like designs that speak for themselves and don’t need much styling. Being a mother of 2 also means finding pieces that are practical to wear while juggling to babies in my arms! The number of times i’ve fallen prey to stunning deep v low cut pieces, only to find that when I wear them, first of all do they not look as good as the model who has perky fake boobs, but also that my boobs are falling out all over the place as I bend over to pick Emma up. The idea of fashion tape is nice but I tried it, and nope. Don’t have time for that right now.

I’ve lately been a fan of shopping for slightly more expensive well made pieces that will last a long time since they are pretty simple classic styles that won’t go out of fashion.

I’ll link below all my favorite websites that I’ve been shopping at!

Oh and. Bali is going to be a test of my self confidence. Not only did I JUST have a baby 2 months ago, I nursed 2 babies and my once already small boobs are now even smaller! I guess they do “deflate” after nursing. But that’s ok because I found 2 stunning bathing suits by For Love & Lemons  ( how crazy is it that they were my office neighbor in the garment district when I was in the city!)  – These have cups so maybe it’ll give me a little boost. They arrive in the mail today and I can’t wait to receive them!

For shoes, especially while on vacation, I’m looking for comfortable shoes. Easy to slip on and off, especially going through all that security checks at 503482034 different airports! I’ve really been into slides because they’re so easy to wear! Especially these D&G slides that are currently 40% off!!

So here are the links to some of my favorite places to shop lately!

For Love & Lemons

Revolve Clothing



My Theresa



I know it’s still 2 months til our vacation, but I think time will fly! I am SO ready for a much needed break from baby madness!

Where are you headed for holiday this Summer?