How far along?  36 weeks!
Weight gain: 20lbs , I started my pregnancy at 100lbs and am now 120!
Maternity clothes: I refuse to wear them! Mike always laughs at me when I squeeze into my summer rompers or when I let my belly hang out from my super tight non maternity tank tops. Yes those $5 ones from F21. Most of my summer rompers that i’ve been wearing are from Australian online stores that I bought last summer before I found out I was pregnant! Some of my favorites: Little Lace, Sabo Skirt, Runway Scout 
Stretch marks? None, thankfully. I don’t want to jinx it though! I have been using Burts Bees Mama Bee Oil to keep my belly moisturised. It helped me prevent stretch marks throughout my last pregnancy with Emma so i’m hoping it will help this time too!
Sleep: I’ve been having SO much trouble having a good night’s sleep.. Elizabeth kicks and squirms alot, it hurts so much and sometimes jolts me up from my sleep. Also the endless peeing keeps me up at night. So lets just say I am one super exhausted preggo mama and my human alarm clock, Emma, will not let me sleep in.
Best moment this week: I took Emma to Carters for a last minute shopping trip to get some newborn PJS for Elizabeth. I’ve been digging through boxes of Emma’s old clothes but can’t seem to find many newborn or 0-3 months outfits. I’m too tired to be digging any more so I just went out and bought some. It was the cutest thing ever as Emma went around picking outfits out for Elizabeth and herself! She’s such a mini me and surely loves shopping! I also got really excited to meet Elizabeth when I saw all the teeny tiny newborn outfits! 
Miss anything? Getting to wear normal clothes again and actually look good in them!!!! I already bought a rack full of Spring & Summer outfits and I can’t wait to start doing some serious workouts, get back into shape & wear those outfits! I put them on a separate rack in my closet and look at them every morning, because I really can’t wait!! 
Movement: A knee kicking me in my rib every 10minutes. All her limbs are on the right side of my belly so all kicks and punches are unfortunately concentrated in one area, and yes they really hurt!!
Food cravings: Fruit and vegetables!!!!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!
Gender: Girl. Though for a second this week I wondered if they could have got it wrong. Mike said my belly looks super pointy and from chinese old wives tales they say a pointed belly means a boy, a round belly means a girl. But I’ve had 2 ultrasounds since the gender ultrasound and they didn’t see anything so pretty sure it’s a girl!
Labour signs: No, though I am extremely ready to get this baby out! Am so done being pregnant.
Symptoms: Super achy pelvis, sore muscles in my lower belly, and major major lightning crotch. She’s been head down since 32 weeks and I think her head pushes on my cervix. It’s the weirdest most uncomfortable pain ever! Like someone shooting your crotch with a rubber band. From the inside. Yikes.
Belly button in or out? Major outtie. Mike always points it out when I wear my super tight tank tops that have now become crop tops
Happy or moody most of the time: A mix of both but more happy! I love my growing little family and I get so excited just thinking about the fact that there will be 4 of us. Also, my parents come in just a few weeks so it will be a full house and I absolutely can’t wait!
Looking forward to: My parents coming, getting to do a full on workout, get my abs back, watch Emma blossom into a wonderful big sister, and yes. Wear all my new outfits, shoes and accessories that I already bought for the warm weather!!!!