Emma is turning a whooping 2 on March 2nd and I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since she came into our lives. She is the best thing that has ever happened to Mike and I. Sometimes my friends who don’t yet have kids ask how it feels like to be a mom.  All I can say is while there are overwhelming days, a child of your own brings you so so so much joy and you will gain a new capacity to love like never before. Emma has already been such a blessing to the lives of those around her (:  her grandparents, her parents, and now her soon to come baby sister!

So since 90% of our friends don’t have kids, of which the 10% who do have much older kids, Emma’s party was an adult 2nd birthday party. I still wanted to make it pretty and special for her with the decor so we could take lots of pretty pictures for her to look back on when she’s older. This may also be the last year she lets me pick the theme of her party so i seized the opportunity.

I was going for a rose garden theme, and somehow along the way it evolved into its own which turned out in my opinion really pretty!

I cooked and prepared all the food except for the cookies and fruit tart that I cheated and bought at Trader Joe’s.

Food was a hit and I would love to share the recipes with you. I will some time this week as soon as I can sit in front of my laptop for a good 30mins to type them up.

I was just SO excited to share the pictures of her birthday with you guys I had to write this now!

Most of my decor I got at a party shop in Cameron Village here in Raleigh that’s closing down so everything was 60% off! Score. And then maybe 500000 trips to Michael’s and making use of every coupon I could find, mostly 40% off a regular priced item.

If you follow my instastories @aliciatipilly, you would have seen that Mike and I DIYed Emma’s birthday cake. I baked the cake and he decorated it. I seriously think I married a potential baker😊 He did such a fantastic job!

March is going to be a crazy month for our household because Emma’s birthday falls on March 2nd, mine is March 30th, and Elizabeth is due March 31st but could very likely come anytime in March. So while we just got through one birthday party, it’s now time to brace ourselves for an actual BIRTH DAY of Elizabeth Rose and I just hope I don’t spend my birthday in labour! Wish me luck 😊

Ok, so this is going to be a lot of pictures but I hope you enjoy them! Mike, Emma and I had such a wonderful afternoon, and to all our lovely friends + nanny, Selina, who came today, thank you for celebrating with us!